Founded in 2013 by the Dubai-based Lebanese architect Fadi Sarieddine, the multidisciplinary atelier is dedicated to innovation in design across a wide spectrum of scale, media and context.

Continually challenging traditional design and examining it through new materials, applications and technologies, Sarieddine’s experimental approach to design is the springboard from which the studio explores the intersections of art, architecture, interiors and product design.

Be it a singular object that investigates the evolution of Middle Eastern design ideologies or large-scale residential, retail, hospitality and corporate projects that champion creative excellence in the region, the atelier treats each project as an opportunity for creative discovery and cultural storytelling. 

Fadi Sarieddine Design Studio is located at Dubai Design District, Building Eight.

our team



fadi’s experimental design approach, influenced by his scarring experience of the lebanese civil war and its anarchy, challenges the fundamentals of traditional design. on the one hand, he examines the use of unconventional materials by taking them out of their natural setting and applying them as a new medium thus giving them a new identity. on the other, the designs allow the user to interfere with the object transforming it to his/her needs. his pieces come with a sense of discovery, like books whose stories are yet to be told... 


senior interior designer

joud loves everything art and design. her experience in both worlds has given her the flexibility to work on a broad range of projects. she is a holder of a master's degree in the strategic design of spaces from ie school of architecture and design, madrid. 


business developer

it's complicated to define lilas' role; she is the people's person in the studio. her role ranges from business development to client relations as well as her strong design input. if the studio is a machine, lilas is the oil ... 


technical manager

nothing works without mukesh's technical input. mukesh's strong experience and dynamism is the backbone to our products' quality and rigor.


accounting manager

zain is the minister of finance in the studio. he is the one that keeps us in check and reminds us that it's not only about art, we need to make money! moreover he is a source of sheer joy because he transfers salaries!